30 Bitcoin mining farms get permission to operate in Iran

The Government of Iran has taken a step back in relation to certain restrictions implemented in recent months against bitcoin (BTC) and announced the granting of licenses for the start of operations of 30 mining farms in several provinces of the Persian nation.

The province of Semnan received six permitswhile in the province of Alborz were awarded four. In the Mazandaran, East Azarbaijan and Zanjan regions, four others were also approved, according to a local media outlet.

In Iran’s capital, Tehran, a license was approved. In the same city, in recent days, a bitcoin mining farm that operated illegally was also closed, as CritptoNoticias reported.

Similarly, government authorities 2,579 establishment permits issued for Bitcoin mining. Among the provinces that received the most permits from the government are Zanjan province with 305.

Another 262 permits were issued in Fars Province and 247 in West Azerbaijan.

It is worth noting that, the Iranian authorities, establish two types of licenses for those who wish to participate in digital mining. The first is called establishment licence, with it the first step is taken for the construction of the infrastructure, including land, electricity and the purchase and installation of equipment.

After obtaining the first permit, you must apply for a operating licencewhich is issued when the first stage, i.e. the establishment stage, is completed.

Temporary Bitcoin mining ban in Iran

Iran’s action comes just as last May temporarily banned, until September of this year, Bitcoin mining due to power outages that they had experienced in that month, as this medium made known.

According to the government, digital mining was interfering with the national electrical system. The energy deficit would also be a consequence of the prolonged drought in the country and the increase in energy demand due to the summer.

Hassan Rouhani wants regulations for bitcoin

Another of Iran’s decisions to control the bitcoin market in Persian territory, was announced by that country’s president Hassan Rouhani, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

Rouhani asked his government cabinet implement measures to regulate bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, because he believes that it is necessary to preserve and protect the national interests of his country in the face of the expansion of digital assets.

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