A bankrupt crypto firm tried to return funds — but customer data might’ve been stolen instead

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The bankrupt crypto firm Voyager Digital suffered a potential data breach when it started letting customers recover their funds last month, as first reported by Bloomberg. In a court document filed on July 28th, Voyager’s lawyers say they’re investigating reports that scammers targeted customers using potentially stolen personal information.

Voyager Digital reopened its platform for 30 days in June, allowing customers to withdraw the funds that had been trapped in the brokerage following its collapse last year. While customers withdrew over $491 million from the platform, their data may have been compromised during the process.

Voyager’s lawyers say they’re aware of “numerous scams and phishing attempts” affecting customers, some of which contained customer names, contact information, and claim amounts. Because the scams included personal details, Voyager’s lawyers believe the platform might’ve suffered a breach. They have asked “outside professionals,” including law enforcement, to investigate.

Voyager lawyer Darren Azman said during a court hearing that scammers have been targeting customers with phony websites that promise bigger payouts, according to Bloomberg. Once a customer links up their wallet to the site, Azman said the bad actor will drain their funds.

Voyager Digital is one of the first major crypto firms to start letting customers withdraw their funds, but it’s not the only one that’s getting hit with phishing scams. After FTX opened up an online claims portal last month, customers reported a potential phishing attempt that prompted them to reset their account passwords.

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