Arlo’s new line of cameras come at a more affordable price

Arlo’s new line of Essential cameras and doorbells includes a wired/wireless video doorbell. | Image: Arlo

Arlo announced the second generation of its Essential camera and doorbell line on Tuesday, and they all have more affordable starting prices than their predecessors. The lineup includes a new XL outdoor camera, a new outdoor camera, a new indoor camera, and a new video doorbell.

The second-generation Essential indoor camera starts at $39.99, which is much cheaper than the $99.99 starting price for the first-generation model and is cheaper than Ring’s $59.99 indoor camera. For the base $39.99 price, the new wired Arlo Essential indoor camera only gives you HD / 1080p resolution, but if you want 2K resolution, you can spring for that at a more expensive $79.99. For 4K resolution, you need to step up to its Ultra 2 model for $299.99.

Like its predecessor, the updated indoor camera offers features like a 130-degree viewing angle, night vision, and an integrated siren. Arlo cameras require a paid Arlo Secure plan starting at $4.99 a month for features such as recorded video and setting activity zones.

Image: Arlo
The Arlo Essential second-gen outdoor camera is available in 2K or HD, has a 130-degree field of view, and an integrated Spotlight and siren.

The other updates start at a lower cost, too.

  • The updated battery-powered outdoor camera starts at $49.99 for 1080p resolution and $99.99 for 2K resolution, with a 130-degree field of view and an integrated spotlight and siren. Both models are cheaper than the old Essential Spotlight’s starting price of $129.99.
  • The new Essential XL outdoor camera, which Arlo says offers up to 4x the battery life of the base outdoor camera, starts at $99.99 for 1080p or $149.99 for 2K; the older version starts at $149.99 for 1080 resolution.
  • The second-generation video doorbell starts at $79.99 for 1080p / $129.99 for 4K, which is more affordable than the $129.99 and $149.99 for the older wired and wireless video doorbells, respectively. The second-gen model can be wired or wireless; it has a rechargeable battery and can be hardwired to doorbell wiring for continuous charging. The camera has a 1:1 aspect ratio and a 180-degree viewing angle.

Image: Arlo
Arlo’s Essential indoor camera (second-gen) features an automated privacy shield.

Arlo is announcing these updates just ahead of Amazon’s devices and services event, which is scheduled for Wednesday morning — perhaps we’ll see some announcements from Amazon’s Ring that will compete with Arlo’s suite of updates.

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