bitcoin always goes in the wallet of a digital nomad

Key facts:
  • For the Venezuelan analyst, it is time for the work to evolve into the digital world.

  • It recommends a bitcoin savings methodology to protect against inflation.

“The world without borders, where you can travel, explore, live everywhere and work, is no longer a dream because it is at your fingertips with bitcoin (BTC).” This was pointed out by the financial analyst and content creator for YouTube David Battaglia, during his conference at the Jalisco Talent Land Digital 2021, considered the most important technological event in Mexico.

More and more people around the world travel from one place to another while working remotely. These individuals who no longer depend on a fixed office are known as digital nomads. A lifestyle focused on the use of new technologies and in which bitcoin can play a very important role because of its attributes. This is because it is easy to store, therefore, it is convenient to transport and is applicable to any trade activity, according to Battaglia, this Tuesday, July 6.

With bitcoin you can manage your business or your social media channel from a mobile device, such as a phone or a laptop. In itself, you have many tools in your hands that you may not have considered that can help you change your life. If you have energy and time, which are your most valuable resources, and you have a whole range of technology at your fingertips, then you can create content, help other people, and yet you can quickly become a digital nomad.

David Battaglia, financial analyst and youtuber.

During his talk, the Venezuelan analyst recommended that, given the current shortage of employment, the best thing will be start evolving towards the digital ecosystem, laying the foundations of a new business based on entrepreneurship. From there, people will be able to adopt a different lifestyle, that of digital nomad.

It is “a movement that has neither a flag nor a leader, but individuals who have decided to take an alternative path because they no longer get answers from government agencies, and have decided to enter the decentralized path,” Battaglia said.

The youtuber added that anyone who manages to place a product, service or useful information in the digital market, and combine it with hard money like bitcoin, it will already be on its way towards the new digital nomad movement. “And I guarantee that for you and your family it will be a spectacular change, because you will be less and less dependent on state aid or local governments that are already on the verge of their financial capacity, product of all the crisis that has been unleashed in the world,” he said.

“Do not lose your focus, nor your hope for the future. If you think you don’t have the resources to start with, remember that you have two that are invaluable, which is energy and time. Besides you have the technological tools that neither our parents nor our grandparents had. so we can be in touch with millions of people instantly,” Battaglia added.

A bitcoin savings plan to forget about inflation

For David Battaglia, bitcoin can not be missing in the life of a digital nomad, not only because of the qualities it possesses, but also because it is a store of value that offers protection against the intense wave of inflation that has been unleashed in the world.

In this regard, it recommends implementing the Dollar Cost Average (DCA) or average dollar cost. This is an investment strategy that consists of dividing the total amount that will be invested in the long term, in periodic bitcoin purchases with the idea of reducing the impact of volatility, since the historical trend of cryptocurrency is to revalue over time.

As Battaglia explained, the method consists of buying the same amount of bitcoin for fixed periods that can be daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly, with the idea of obtaining greater profitability. So, for the analyst, a venture focused on the digital world, combined with a bitcoin savings strategy, will provide enough foundation for evolve towards a new lifestyle that guarantees great benefits.

DCA graph.
Battaglia recommended the DCA method to invest in bitcoin based on buying the same amount of BTC for fixed periods in order to save and protect against inflation. Source: Talent Land.

Recently, Battaglia gave an interview to Crypto News in which he pointed out that in 10 years there will be less bitcoin and more dollars. This, to reflect that the finances of the future are based on the reserve of value that bitcoin grants, while the traditional financial system is based on the issuance of money without foundations that, in the long run, represents more devaluation of fiat money and fewer resources for people.

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