Bitcoin Ordinals Are the Latest Web3 Craze (BTC-USD)


FOMO kills but it kills at the end of the cycle not at the beginning. To make the ‘big’ money you have to be quick and of course you have to be brave. Brave is not the same as foolish, but the feelings you feel may be similar. For me, you look for the very first opportunity and if you think it’s good then you leave it alone. If you know it’s great, you grab some. I repeat this saying over and over because it works: ‘If you think it’s gold it isn’t, if you know it’s gold it is.’ I learned this while scrambling for nuggets in a freezing cold river up to my thighs. There you go, of course you want to believe that the glitter in your pan is gold and not mica, but when you find a speck of the real thing, you know it’s gold. As the saying goes, when you think it is gold, it is always mica; A glaring false positive.

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