Collaboration Tools Graphite and Stealthy Create a Decentralized Duo


At a time when problems above how massive corporations like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are handling our knowledge continue to develop, two blockchain-dependent applications have joined forces to provide productiveness resources that give you entire control above your have knowledge.

Graphite Docs, a decentralized alternate to Google G-suite, has integrated with decentralized messaging app Stealthy, the two corporations announced on April 12, 2018. What that indicates is consumers of Graphite Docs are now capable to look at documents and chat with pals and coworkers on a one screen.

“The integration provides a Stealthy module into your Graphite documents just like you see with the Google Hangouts module inside of a Google Doc,” Graphite Docs creator Justin Hunter explained to Bitcoin Journal.

How It Functions

Identical to Google G-suite, Graphite Docs is a website app for documents and spreadsheets that consists of an e-mail alternate identified as “conversations.” You can use it to share information, make edits and collaborate. But the principal variation, Hunter suggests, is that whilst Google has obtain to all your knowledge, Graphite Docs by no means sees your knowledge. With Graphite Docs, you nonetheless retail outlet your knowledge on cloud servers — Dropbox, Amazon or even Google — but your knowledge is encrypted, and your encryption keys stay on your have products, so you maintain control of your knowledge.

“Let’s say Google wishes to seem at your documents, all they are going to see is an encrypted blob and they can not decrypt that — only you can decrypt that with the encryption keys that you have,” claimed Hunter.

Stealthy, a peer-to-peer communication platform with messaging, screen sharing, video clip chat and extra, delivers identical privacy attributes. That is mainly because equally applications are driven by Blockstack, a community for decentralized applications that is effective on top rated of the Bitcoin blockchain. Hunter likes to position out that the collaboration involving Graphite Docs and Stealthy signifies the 1st integration involving two decentralized applications ever.


Applications on the Blockstack platform are accessed by a browser, but the applications them selves run locally on your laptop or computer, along with the Blockstack software which retailers your ID information that you use to obtain the Blockstack applications.

“When you generate an account on Graphite Docs, Blockstack creates a self-sovereign id that is created to the Bitcoin blockchain,” claimed Hunter. Blockstack then employs that ID information to generate a set of encryption keys for each individual app you use on the platform.

Blockstack offers you a option of storing your encrypted knowledge on your laptop or computer or Blockstack’s have servers. For its component, Graphite Docs permits you to choose what cloud companies you want to retail outlet your encrypted knowledge on that way, in addition to acquiring your knowledge saved by Blockstack, it is also replicated, shielding it from any one position of failure.

Up Subsequent:  Enterprise Instruments

The consumer edition of Graphite Docs, which include Stealthy, is cost-free. Hunting to the upcoming, Hunter suggests he is centered on constructing a paid enterprise edition of Graphite Docs for educational facilities, NGOs, enterprises and other institutions, so they, too, can have their have knowledge. In the same way, Stealthy is also constructing further attributes to support prevalent adoption.  

Hunter is the lone staff of Graphite Docs. So considerably he suggests, he has managed everything himself and has not received outside the house funding for the project. In the same way, Stealthy is currently being bootstrapped by its founders, Prabhaav Bhardwaj and Alex Carreira.


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