Gelato Pique’s new Pokémon Sleep(wear) collab is perfect for catching some z’s

A model showing off Gelato Pique’s new Snorlax hoodie. | Image: The Pokémon Company / Gelato Pique

Pokémon Sleep didn’t launch with any real accessories aside from a peripheral that’s more of a slightly souped-up Pokémon Go autocatcher than anything else, but clothier Gelato Pique is getting ready to change that with a new collection of pokémon-themed sleepwear.

Though they’ll run you a pretty penny, each of Gelato Pique’s new Pokémon Sleep-inspired hoodie and shorts / leg warmer sets will also leave you swaddled in plush comfort and ready to have your dreams eaten as if you’ve just been hit by a potent hypnosis attack. Along with the hoodies inspired by some of the franchise’s sleepiest (or sleep-inducing) monsters like Snorlax and Jigglypuff, Gelato Pique’s new collab also features parkas, pants, pullovers, and headbands, all meant to keep you cozy while “playing” Pokémon Sleep at night.

It’s not clear when pieces from the set will actually be available to order, but they’re all up on Gelato Pique’s site now for you to peruse ahead of their availability sometime in the near future.

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