Here are the funniest things being auctioned off at Twitter HQ

Yup, even the building signs are up for grabs. Providing you’re the one arranging the ‘grabbing’. | Photo by David Odisho/Getty Images

Now that Elon Musk’s plan to rebrand Twitter to X is in motion, the company is looking to sell a bunch of stuff tied to its previous image in what feels like a comically unhinged estate sale. Hundreds of items from X’s San Francisco headquarters will be available to buy via an online auction next month that’s running from September 12th to 14th.

Everything currently has an opening bid set at $25 so there’s the potential to grab some real bargains here. Most of the listings are for the kind of office equipment you’d expect from a big corporation, like desks, printers, and laptop docking stations. Several of the lots being advertised — such as soundproof office booths and designer chairs — were also listed in an auction back in January. There’s plenty of new stuff up for grabs though, and some of it toes the line between tragic and downright amusing.

Here are some of our favorite listings from the Twitter Rebranding auction:

A repurposed barn from Montana

An image of a listing from X’s Twitter rebranding auction showing a wooden lodge.
Image: X / Heritage Global Partners
Looks a little breasy, though the lack of roof will likely require this to be installed inside anyway.

Playfully dubbed “The Lodge,” this 20 x 20-foot seating booth features four tables and L-shaped benches. The booth was apparently reconstructed from a Montana barn, and can now be yours for as little as $25 (as long as nobody else bids on it!).

A tribute to Robin Williams comprised of celebrity tweets

An image of a listing from X’s Twitter rebranding auction showing a Robin Williams mural.
Image: X / Heritage Global Partners
This could genuinely be a sweet momento for someone who’s still mourning this legend.

A perfect gift for any super fan I’m sure. This 13-foot long mural uses screenshots of celebrity tweets paying tribute to Robin Williams to form a mosaic of the beloved comedian.

Various bird-shaped memorabilia

Here’s your chance to own a unique collector’s item or two. Now that X is de-feathering its brand, these bird-themed props could find refuge in your home instead. Most of these are decorative signs or wall art, but there’s also an attractive wooden coffee table or a “Larry art boulder” for those who can spare the room. If that’s not iconic enough though…

The literal building signs (if you have the permits to remove them)

Yep, you can take home the Twitter logo building fascias located on 10th street and Jessie street. By which I mean, you literally need to take them. A note on these listings discloses that these signs are still mounted on the side of X’s HQ, and that the buyer will be responsible for “hiring an SF Licensed Company with appropriate permits” to remove them. It’s evidently too much hassle for Musk to arrange himself.

Hashtag and ‘@’ symbol props

Pretty self-explanatory. I can’t imagine their new homes will have as much history with these symbols as Twitter did, but perhaps there’s a boujiee internet cafe somewhere that can make good use of them.

A 34-foot agamograph

An image of a listing from X’s Twitter rebranding auction.
Image: X / Heritage Global Partners
I think we’d all like to know, honestly.

An agamograph (for those unaware) is a type of image that changes depending on what angle you view it from. In this example, the piece shifts from a wide-eyed emoji, to the question “What’s Happening?” — something I’m sure the remaining legacy employees at X have been asking themselves for months.

A hand-painted celebration of former President Obama’s re-election

An image of a listing from X’s Twitter rebranding auction. It’s a hand-painted portrait of former president Obama.
Image: Debbie Fass / X
I’m not judging, it would be very…patriotic? I guess?

Such an unusual statement piece needs something on par to complement it…

A hand-painted celebration of Ellen DeGeneres’ 2014 Oscar selfie

An image of a listing from X’s Twitter rebranding auction. It’s a painting of Ellen DeGeneres’ 2014 Oscar selfie.
Image: Debbie Fass / X
I, too, love to display recreations of famous tweets around my home.

Ah, perfect.

A swinging sofa shaped like a bird-cage

An image of a listing from X’s Twitter rebranding auction showing a birdcage-shaped sofa swing.
Image: X / Heritage Global Partners
I absolutely would buy this myself if shipping it to the UK wouldn’t bankrupt me.

Okay, honestly this is kind of cute. Here’s hoping someone buys it for their cottage-core-loving girlfriend or something so it doesn’t end up in the trash.

A ton of Google Jamboards

An image of a listing from X’s Twitter rebranding auction showing a Google Jamboard.
Image: X / Heritage Global Partners
Made good use of all those Google Jamboards huh…

There are almost 100 individual listings for Google’s 55-inch interactive whiteboard, most of which are apparently brand new and still in their original packaging. If you want to buy one from Google directly it’ll set you back almost $5,000 so the $25 starting bid on these might be more palatable. It’s a little depressing to imagine that all these Google Jamboards have just been gathering dust considering they’re such a hefty investment.

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