Iris Energy: Transaction Fees Change Everything (NASDAQ:IREN)

Adrian Vidal

In my previous Iris Energy (NASDAQ: IREN) article for Seeking Alpha, I mentioned my belief that the company should consider flipping its Treasury outlook from a 100% production seller to some sort of hybrid model. This belief stems from the fact that bitcoin supply emission has been the biggest driver of miner revenue thus far. Thus, with a block reward happening overnight in less than a year, all BTC miners theoretically benefit from holding BTC on balance sheets to profit from the theoretical increase in the coin’s price.

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Ordinal Mints (Dune Analytics/dgtl_assets)


IREN Vs BITF (Company Disclosure)

Iris Energy


Miner YTD Metrics btc production Average BTC per EH/s
Iris Energy 820 94.3
CleanSpark (CLSK) 2,395 90.1
HIV Blockchain (HIVE) 1,065 90.0
bitfarm 1,676 87.5
Bit Digital (BTBT) 447 87.4

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