Javier “Pupi” Zanetti now advances through the NFT lane

Key facts:
  • The NFT will be created by the artist Javier Arrés and will be sold from 10,000 USD.

  • The PUPI Foundation, created by Zanetti 20 years ago, will receive the funds from the sales.

Javier Zanetti, former footballer of the Argentine National football team and the Internazionale of Italy, will launch a non-fungible token (NFT) along with the Spanish artist Javier Arrés. The proceeds from the sale of the piece of digital art will be donated to the charity Fundación Pupi, which Zanetti himself heads.

The organization and sale of the NFT will be in charge of the company StadioPlus, which is dedicated to connecting digital artists with sports figures who may be interested in their creations. On your Twitter account, StadioPlus reported that the first sale of Zanetti’s NFT it would be done this Wednesday, July 7, 2021but the pre-sale was already underway.

The particularity of non-expendable tokens is that they are unrepeatable and limited in quantity, and that is why many are considered collectible pieces of great value.

Previously, in a publication of July 4, StadioPlus reported that the first NFT will be sold with a minimum price of 10,000 buck. As can be seen in the video promoting the product, the non-fungible token will be based on the” treble ” obtained by Inter Milan by winning the Italian football league (Serie A), the UEFA Champions League and the Copa Italia. Zanetti was the captain and reference of that neroazzurro team, which achieved something unprecedented in Italian football.

Javier “Pupi” Zanetti will have several NFT’s that will raise funds for his charity. Source: Twitter.

But there will also be more Arrés productions inspired by the “Pupi” Zanetti, according to important sources of StadioPlus. One of its founders, Argentine basketball player Luis Scola (former NBA player), shared on Twitter personal announcement of the release of the second work of the former player. This NFT will be worth USD 25,000, according to the company’s publication.

In addition, it is detailed that the buyer will receive a work of art animated with the voice of Zanetti, the signature of the former player and today vice president of Inter Milan, a certificate of authenticity and an original autographed shirt of the Italian team.

In a post on Medium, StadioPlus details that Zanetti, “is not only a footballer who took the Argentine National Team and Inter to the highest level, but is also a visionary who has joined the world of digital art through the NFT”.

For his part, Zanetti, who at the time was the player with the most matches in the Argentine national team (he played two World Cups), said that these tokens “can turn historical moments into unique pieces, help fans feel closer to their idols and create new horizons”. He also commented that the idea came from a conversation with Luis Scola.

The PUPI Foundation, an icon of charity in Argentina

The PUPI Foundation (acronym for “Por Un Piberio Integrado”) is an Argentine-based charity founded by Javier Zanetti and his wife in 2001. It focuses mainly on the rights of children and adolescents it has its headquarters in a town in the province of Buenos Aires.

For years, the PUPI Foundation has become world famous for organizing friendly matches that used to have the presence of great figures of international football. For example, Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona have participated in these events, held with crowded stadiums and entirely for charitable purposes.

The NFT in the world of sport

As well as Javier Zanetti, other athletes have accepted the proposal to capture in digital format their great feats within the fields of play. Recently, CriptoNoticias reported on the arrival of tokens from historical figures such as Brazilian Rivaldo, englishman Michael Owen and Spanish José María Gutiérrez (Guti) to the Binance marketplace. The first collection is released on July 8.

In addition, several teams and teams already have their NFT on football fantasy; examples of this are the French national team, last world champion, and its predecessor on the top podium of international football, the combined of Germany.

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