MLB honors Lou Gehrig with NFT collectibles on Ethereum

Major League Baseball (MLB) announced the launch of its first non-expendable token (NFT) to commemorate the speech given by New York Yankee legend Lou Gehrig upon his professional retirement.

The NFT, which it will be available from July 4, when Gehrig said goodbye to baseball 82 years ago, gives access to a 17-second video. There you can see the filming of the speech in which Gehrig announces that he is leaving baseball because he suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

In addition, the video shows a three-dimensional bust of Gehrig, in an iron finish, as a representation of the “Iron Horse”, nickname that was given by fans after playing 2,130 consecutive games.

The bust includes details, such as the Centennial Baseball patch on his uniform and the iconic curve of the baseball cap.

Likewise, it will be launched a 100 NFT collection of a bronze bust of Gehrig, to give ” fans more access to owning a piece of baseball history,” says an MLB statement.

Gehrig, for 56 years, held the MLB record for most matches played consecutively with 2,130. Source Wikipedia.

The unique NFT will be auctioned and collectibles will be on sale by order of arrival in Candy Digital, Ethereum-based platform, until July 8.

The funds raised from the sale of the NFT will be donated to charities such as: ALS, The Lou Gehrig Society, The Sean M. Healey & amp; AMG Center for ALS at Mass General and The ALS Association. All dedicated to fighting ALS.

Candy Digital is an official MLB partner

The MLB and Candy Digital signed an agreement that gives the company specialized in collectibles, the exclusive rights to the NFT of the league and its 30 teams.

Behind Candy Digital, among other executives, is Mike Novogratz, recognized bitcoiner and director of Galaxy Digital, cryptocurrency investment and financial services company, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

At the time of announcing the launch of the platform, Novogratz said that creativity, community and authenticity will play a key role in the success of the new NFT market.

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