police would not visit Bitcoin miners without SUNACRIP presence

“It is not allowed any home visit by any authority, to those who develop digital mining [de Bitcoin], if SUNACRIP is not present as the governing body in the matter, ” reports the National Association of Cryptocurrencies (ASONACRIP) of Venezuela.

The above was determined after one meeting promoted by the aforementioned state agency, which took place at the end of last week in Valencia, Carabobo, in which about 20 people participated.

The objective of the meeting was to promote ASONACRIP and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency miners to have a rapprochement with Carabobo State Police and Corpoelec. Aspects related to law, security and inspections were addressed.

The fact is framed in a meeting series that SUNACRIP and ASONACRIP are maintaining, they report, to boost Bitcoin mining industry in Venezuela. In this area, various topics of interest to participants are addressed, for example, the constituent law on the Comprehensive System of Cryptoassets.

Corpoelec meeting.
At the meeting between miners, representatives of the Police and Corpoelec, topics of interest to all parties present were discussed. Source: Twitter.

SUNACRIP: bitcoin industry regulator in Venezuela

The bitcoin mining is a legal activity in Venezuela, but there are restrictions on the free exercise of this activity. This information portal has reported numerous seizures of mining equipment for non – compliance with the relevant regulations.

As Crypto News reported in February 2019, SUNACRIP is the regulator of all commercial activity with cryptocurrencies in Venezuela. The legislation establishes that this body is responsible for” authorizing entities dedicated to the exchange of cryptoassets, digital wallets, coins used in exchange houses and digital mining activities ” national or foreign that want to operate in the aforementioned South American nation. To carry out these activities it is necessary to have the corresponding license.

The director of this entity, which receives the title of national superintendent of Cryptoassets of Venezuela, is Joselit Ramírez. Under he said, the entity under its command works to achieve “the consolidation of the new digital economy in Venezuela”.

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