race will cross 5 countries in Europe on behalf of Bitcoin

The Road2Bitcoin race promises to gather bitcoiners from around the world next October to race on behalf of Bitcoin through 5 countries in Europe.

Road2Bitcoin will take place between October 11 and 31, 2021, passing through Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, France. Among the cities visited will be Genoa, Venice, Munich, Salzburg and Nuremberg, culminating in the seat of the European Parliament, in the city of Strasbourg (France).

In addition, it will consist of 21 stations or meeting points along the route, a number chosen for the maximum issuance of bitcoins: 21 million units. Athletes will be able to meet there and join the race by walking, running, cycling or any other human effort driven way.

TeamSatoshi is the bitcoiner sports organization behind this event. Road2Bitcoin is the third in a series already made up of two previous races: Satoshi Freeathlon and Satoshi Tour, held in 2019.

Notably, during the sporting event, runners will carry a Lightning torch, activity in which small amounts of bitcoin will be passed through the Lightning network as they progress through the race. Each athlete will add an additional amount of satoshis to what they receive. The dynamic can be followed on Twitter through the hashtag #tstorch. They will also carry a physical copy of Bitcoin’s white paper.

Athletes to raise funds for Bitcoin development

The purpose of the race, in addition to drawing attention to Bitcoin, is to raise funds for its development, support open Source projects, or any other noble or charitable cause.

Vitus Zeller, one of the TeamSatoshi runners, and organizer of the race, stated on his Twitter that pledged to donate 21 million satoshis (0.21 BTC) annually for 21 years, figure that corresponds to USD 7000 per year, according to current bitcoin prices.

The beneficiaries of this initiative will be selected development projects, athletes, as well as TeamSatoshi events and other charitable causes, Zeller said.

To ensure his promise, he made public the portfolio address where he hosts these funds. Also invited all brokers to raise bitcoins and allocate them to the cause they desire, a message that came with the announcement of the race.

Those who cannot participate in person, will be able to do so from wherever they are, trying to trace the Bitcoin logo with the route they make and sharing their experience with the community.

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