Spanish University creates an observatory on blockchains and cryptocurrencies

The University of San Pablo, in the Spanish capital (Madrid), will have its own Observatory of Blockchain and Cryptoassets, with the intention of promote the development and knowledge about the digital economy.

Through a statement, issued this Friday, July 2, the house of studies reported on the creation of this observatory. The Observatory of Blockchain and Cryptoassets of the University of São Paulo is born from the Chair of Financial Markets Law, adds the text.

The focus of this observatory is on ” the main challenges and impediments that arise to have a fruitful ecosystem, as well as the search for solutions to put Spain at the forefront of digital transformationthe press release states.

Alfonso Martínez-Echeverría, dean of the Faculty of Law and director of the chair, referred to this observatory as a space for debate “to identify problems and propose the development of solutions that allow us to advance as a society in these unique times”.

During the next course cycle, the observatory will organize a cycle of seminars and other academic, research and dissemination activities to delve into the scope of the use of blockchains.

The idea of this cycle will be to study “the main issues that arise from the application of blockchain technology to various sectors, such as finance, energy or company law”.

Spain, constant search for use cases for blockchains

Spain is one of the countries with the most active exploration of use cases for blockchains, beyond the creation of cryptocurrencies. This interest extends to other universities, companies and national and regional governments.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, last November they already registered more than 150 companies dedicated to this industry in the European country, according to data from the Observatory and Blockchain Forum of the European Union.

In the country there are other observatories dedicated to looking for use cases for blockchains, while various initiatives have begun to use some blockchain for various areas. Among them, we find project management, stock market operations and even the fishing sector has invested in the development of these technologies.

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