Stan Lee dresses up as Iron Man, Thanos and Doctor Strange in these NFT on Ethereum

Key facts:
  • Up to four comic book covers will be auctioned, one of which remains undisclosed.

  • NFT’s unreleased videos and images of Stan Lee will also be on sale.

The American legend of the comics, Stan Lee will have a tribute with a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT), in which Lee himself will play several of his most famous characters such as Iron Man, Thanos and Doctor Strange.

Collectibles will be released on the Ethereum-based platform, Mintable, under the name The Stan Lee Legacynext August 6th. The person in charge of recreating covers in the form of physical paintings, which were later transformed to NFT, was Lee’s artist and close friend, Rob Prior. The goal is to “honor Lee’s legacy in the best possible way,” as the platform highlights on its website.

The collection is inspired on the covers of old comics Iron Man, Thanos and Doctor Stranger. “Working closely with Stan in his later years, Rob conceived and created this selection of paintings, each of which celebrates Stan’s legacy of iconic heroes and villains in the best possible way,” says Mintable.

Stan Lee recreating his characters in NFT format

The first of Stan’s NFT, is called The Infinity Gauntlet. A representation of the cover of a comic in the one who reads, appears as the villain Thanoswith the glove and the Infinity Gems. Around him, characters such as Spiderman, Doctor Strange, SIlver Surfer, Hulk, Captain America and others appear.

A purple Stan Lee holds the Infinity Gems in his fist. Source: Mintable.

The second token, called Introducing Stan Lee: Master of Black Magic, it shows Lee, also on the cover, in the role of Doctor Strange.

Perhaps Lee’s greatest magic was in the strokes with which he managed to create the heroes that today are part of contemporary mythology. Source: Mintable.

Another token in the collection is about one of Marvel’s most popular super heroes. On the cover of the comic in NFT format, Lee reveals himself as Iron Man.

In each character created by Stan Lee, there is something of his soul and now the NFT show the artist as if he were each of them. Source: Mintable.

Who becomes a creditor of the NFT, you will also receive, at the door of your house, a physical painting of the token. The starting price of the collectibles is still unknown. As part of the NFT offered, there are one of them that is mysterious and it will be revealed an hour before launch.

The Singapore-based Mintable platform, it is backed by American billionaire Mark Cuban. In early July, it raised $ 13 million in a funding round, in which payments technology company Ripple Labs was involved.

Stan Lee’s photo and video collection

In addition to Lee’s NFT-inspired comic book covers, he also limited editions of several unpublished audiovisual pieces will go on sale from the creator of Spider-Man, in token format.

The photographs and videos were obtained by Jonathan Bolerjack, a friend of Lee’s and who was his assistant until the day of his death, November 12, 2018.

Videos are priced at 1.3 ETH and 0.53 ETH, while images have prices ranging from ETH 2.7, ETH 0.25 and ETH 0.10.

Other artists also have their NFT

The NFT have caused a furor among artists and the various platforms that offer these tokens. Recently, CriptoNoticias reported that the crypto marketplace Binance for NFT put on sale recreated works by Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí.

Similarly, this media reported that the cartoonist of Argentine origin, José Delbo, put up for auction a collection of non-fungible tokens (called “A Touch of Death”) on Makersplace, a site for the sale of works of art in NFT format on Ethereum.

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