The Top 10 NFT Collections You Should Check Out in 2022

Many blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have recently focused on NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens. NFTs allow for the tokenization of any asset. Even while NFTs are skyrocketing in value, not all of them provide the same features and benefits. 

Our list of ten most promising NFT projects for 2022 is now available and we will share it in today’s article.

Yeti Secret Society

Before you may join the Yeti Secret Society, you must first buy an NFT from the project’s collection. The secret to the success of the Yeti Secret Society, according to the collection’s developers, is its exclusivity. Pre-minting will let you get your hands on these new NFTs way before anyone else.

A “Club” is essential to the success of the team’s mission. All Yeti NFT owners will be able to take advantage of this service 365 days a year. The team uses Twitter and Discord to keep in touch with its increasing fan base. 

For investors, the NFT’s rarity is a critical consideration. Yeti Secret Society’s creators should expect increased interest in the collection as a consequence of their focus on exclusivity and originality. 

A group of MMO game developers, Sapphire Studios, has partnered up with the Yeti Secret Society. The project will soon feature an MMO game and a Metaverse architecture as a result of this partnership. 

A 600-person boat trip to Monaco has been reserved as the project advances. Guests, including members and celebrities, can reserve entire islands for their enjoyment. 

Since the Yeti Secret Society’s inception, the club’s founders have worked on a range of internet-related projects.


Decentraland is a virtual world constructed and governed by a worldwide community on the Ethereum platform. 

Virtual worlds allow users to explore, interact, play games, and purchase or sell virtual property. Users may now send and receive messages, make payments, and download programs that connect with the platform. 

The Decentraland software keeps track of real estate plots using LAND coins. 

In order to engage in the MANA ecosystem, MANA tokens must be kept in an Ethereum wallet that supports the blockchain. 

An online marketplace and drag-and-drop editor have been developed by the Decentraland team so that users may build settings outside of the gaming environment. 

LAND tokens, which have a MANA value, may be tracked and traded by market participants. In-game items, such as apparel and unique names can be traded or sold through the marketplace.

Fan Controlled Football

The Fan Controlled Football (FCF) league has already had a significant impact on the game of professional football by allowing fans to make live game choices. The combination of Web3 and live-action sports is now revolutionizing this industry. 

Founded in 2017, FCF is a new professional indoor football league that entered the market with the goal of providing a unique spectator experience for fans. Only a few other major sports leagues enable fans to have a say in the decision-making process for their favorite team in real-time. 

When it comes to gaming competitions, all the action takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, at a facility that resembles a studio. NBCLX, DAZN, and Twitch are just a few of the major streaming services that will have every live game stream. 

A player’s voice may be heard thanks to cameras and microphones attached to the player’s helmets.

The field of play is tiny; hence there will be no kickers or punters in this game. The 7v7 format and the one-hour length of the game produce fast-paced action.

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds, a play-to-earn (P2E) platform that is totally decentralized, fully adjustable, and community-driven, allows virtual world owners to create their own limitless metaverse games or experiences. 

Some of the project’s objectives were decentralization, cross-platform interoperability, community-driven, and a constructed play-to-earn gaming metaverse platform. 

Moreover, on the team’s agenda, we find the creation of a large, decentralized, massively multiplayer network of interconnected NFT Worlds. 

The $WRLD token is the currency of NFT Worlds. Ethereum and Polygon serve as the platform’s hosts. 

NFT Worlds is now running on the open-source Minecraft platform. This technology was the greatest fit for the team since it allowed them to build the live and connected worlds they had in mind.


NFTs’ popularity increased after GaryVee announced his own initiative. Over ten thousand NFTs may be found on VeeFriends

A significant step has been taken by GaryVee, who laid the foundation for others to follow in terms of how NFTs may benefit the general public. A further benefit of the VeeFriends NFT tokens is that they have an attached utility. 

His company, VaynerMedia, provides digital marketing and advertising to Fortune 100 organizations. 

In the late 1990s, GaryVee intelligently saw the Internet’s transformational power. With his father’s liquor store online, he saw an opportunity to sell wine to customers throughout the globe. He helped his family’s business expand from $3 million to $60 million over the course of five years by creating the first wine e-commerce platform.

Axie Infinity

There are more than a million people playing Axie Infinity on a daily basis. Axies may be collected and bred to win rewards on a daily basis. 

Every variety of Axie has its own unique advantages and disadvantages in combat. 

Despite belonging to the same species, no two Axies are the same. There are three types of genetic variations seen in axons: dominant (D), recessive (R1), and minor (R2). 

When breeding NFTs, players may use the Axie Breeding Calculator to figure out which of their offspring will be most genetically suited. 

The popular ERC-721 and ERC-20 protocols were used in the initial development of Axie Infinity on the Ethereum network. Ownership evidence can be provided through in-game artifacts like land plots.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is made up of 10,000 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum platform. “Bored Apes” refers to a messy species that has several distinctive characteristics. 

These NFTs are used as a kind of identification, and Bored Apes are becoming the new status quo on the market. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with NFTs through Bored Apes if you’ve never bought one before. 

The four creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club announced their concept in 2021 through their company Yuga Labs. A few of the group’s more outlandish nicknames include Gargamel, Gordon Goner, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, and No Sass. 

In addition to serving as a digital character, the associated commercial usage rights give Bored Ape art more significance. When it comes to reselling NFT, owners of Bored Ape may do so while still making money off of the art they generate.


Play-to-earn metaverse Silks are a variant of the P2E model. Racehorses are bred, syndicated, and raced on 200-acre horse farms owned and operated by publicly listed company Tropical Racing. Silks is a project based on Ethereum Mainnet with layer-2 solutions.

Horse racing-themed game Silks has become popular with gamers who choose to play for money. 

Silks’ gameplay incorporates thoroughbred horse racing economics. Approximately 20,000 thoroughbred racehorses are sold at auction each year in the United States. 

NFT Horses are employed by gamers to compete in races and win rewards. Horses can be bought and sold openly on the secondary market. 

Using the platform as a virtual version of one of the top registered one-year-old thoroughbred racehorses in the United States, you may keep track of all of your achievements and training progress. You may also get your game awards using this technique. 

An owner of a virtual horse will be alerted when their horse is ready to run in the real world, and they will be able to watch the race from the sidelines. If the owner is the lucky winner, he or she will get a token reward.

Moon Boyz

The Moon Boyz collection consists of 11,111 ERC-721 tokens. Every single one of them relies on the Ethereum blockchain. Every NFT comes with a full-fledged membership to a community that is always growing, as well as a slew of impressive features. 

Preparation for the NFTs’ journey “to the moon” (as crypto enthusiasts like to say) necessitates that these assets appeal to a wide spectrum of investors. By operating in small batches, the crew has been able to design a valid project that is attracting the attention of experts. 

There are several exciting missions both on Earth and in cyberspace that you may participate in if you get your hands on a moon kid. You’ll also receive a boatload of great prizes for doing so. 

The Moon Boyz NFTs will begin putting up all of the virtual and physical resources they’ll need as soon as possible to ensure the success of their mission. 

Those who join the Moon Boyz will embark on an exciting voyage. Through a range of special features, such as private clubs and special events, the token’s roadmap hopes to leave a lasting effect on the NFT industry.

Cryptoon Goonz

The Cryptoon Goonz collection has 6,969 goon NFTs running on the Ethereum network. Each Cryptoon Goonz has eight distinct traits, ranging from common to rare. 

The commercial rights of a Crytoon Goon are incorporated into the Goon’s ownership. The wallet of the DAO will be accessible to members of the community. 

Members of the DAO may enjoy special perks, such as early access to future drops, unique Discord areas, DAO voting powers, and promotions. 

The new Cryptoon Goonz plan 2.0 revolves around the Goonz gateway. The gateway allows Goonz NFTs to enter and emerge in a new form. The original NFT will be imprisoned if an NFT enters the portal. 

Stepping out of the portal will allow the NFT to revert to its original form. As a result, the entire NFT portal transition can be reversed. Because there will always be 6,969 Goonz in the collection, the overall collection will not be diluted, and holders may choose when and where to exhibit their favorite Goon.

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