Threads gets retweets — sorry, reposts — in the reverse-chronological feed

Illustration: The Verge

Threads is adding reposts (aka retweets) to its reverse-chronological “Following” feed, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced in a Threads post on Thursday. It’s a small but nice addition to the app that makes the Following feed a bit more useful, and while Mosseri said Meta added it “based on your feedback,” the Following feed does still have its flaws.

That’s not the only repost-related update from Meta. It’s also rolling out a reposts tab on your profile so that you and others can more easily find the threads that you’ve reposted. I don’t appear to have either update yet on iOS, but I do have the reposts tab when I view my profile on the web. (I think I need to repost more.)

A screenshot of the reposts tab on Jay Peters’ Threads profile.
Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge
Threads’ repost tab when viewing my profile on the web.

The new updates probably aren’t enough to bring over the many Threads users that haven’t returned to the platform, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on August 4th that improved search and a web client will arrive “in the next few weeks,” which might convince some lapsed users to come back. On Wednesday, Zuckerberg hinted that the web client might imminent, replying directly to my desperate plea with two emoji: .

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