Twitter launches collection of 7 NFT free for 140 of its users

The Twitter team announced on Wednesday, June 30, the release of”140 free NFT for 140 of you best friends.” The official account of the microblogging platform changed its headline to make it clear that they will be focused on non-expendable tokens:” I stopped hydrating because tweeting about NFT keeps me young now, ” as it reads.

The platform shared seven themed pieces on the social network itself. One of them refers to Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, while another shows the evolution of the Twitter logo.

The 7 pieces were minted in the NFT Rarible market. This is a collection of only 20 equal tokens of each design, for a total of 140. Not all the details about the launch strategy and what Twitter’s new foray into the NFT world have been revealed yet, but offers are already being made for the promised Valuables pieces on the market.

Current offers range from 0.12 wETH (a wrapped version of ether), worth $ 255 to 1 wETH ($2,147). The official announcement Twitter’s free NFT sparked an immediate stir. It recorded nearly 3 million comments in less than an hour. That’s because the only chance a user can get one of the 140 NFT is to reply to the initial message from the platform to opt for one of them.

Last March, Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, sold his first tweet in the form of an NFT for $ 2.9 million to a Malaysian entrepreneur. The sale was part of the boom around non-expendable tokens as CriptoNoticias has been reporting, with more and more athletes and artists launching their own pieces.

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