Update that would reduce Ethereum commissions is already on the test network

In Ropsten, the Ethereum testing network, the hard fork has already been carried out (hard fork) in London. Among the novelties that are included, is the implementation of the improvement proposal EIP-1559, which seeks to reduce the commissions of the network.

The fork occurred yesterday, June 24, at the height of block 10499401. Although with some delays due to lack of update from miners (as mining in Ropsten is non-profit), the hard fork successfully implemented. As Crypto News reported, the launch on the test network was initially scheduled for June 16.

The EIP-1559 is the most anticipated novelty with this fork. The proposal changes the way in which commissions are paid to miners. Once London is deployed on the main network, each transaction will pay a base commission and the tip figure is incorporated, which is an extra amount given by the sender ether (ETH), to the miners who validate the operation.

The majority opinion is that this will decrease, in general, the high amounts paid for gas in Ethereum.

This information portal made known that not everyone believes so and there are also those who consider that there could be a “tip war”, so the problem would remain, albeit under another name. If this were true, users would compete with each other with increasingly higher tips for miners to validate their transactions, as is now the case with commissions.

“The gas problem cannot be completely solved, even with new models,” says Fabian Vogelsteller, developer of the Ethereum ecosystem. “I myself see EIP – 1559 as a good experiment, but I am a little skeptical that it will reduce the price of gas. Rather, I suppose it will raise it, ” he adds and adds that, according to him,” there is nothing that can be done about it unless you increase the capacity ” of the network.

What is Ropsten and why it matters to Ethereum

The Ethereum Ropsten test network is a copy of the main blockchain, but its ethers have no value.

You don’t need to be a developer to be able to interact with Ropsten and many Ethereum wallets, for example MetaMask, are set up to operate on this test network.

The MetaMask wallet (which is a browser extension) allows you to interact, among others, with the Ropsten test network. Source: MetaMask.

In Ropsten it is possible to see how Ethereum implementations work without fear that something may be irreversibly damaged. That’s why the new protocols go through there first.

“Did you know that EIP-1559 could mess up Ethereum’s main network in a super bad way if we got something wrong?”, says Péter Szilágyi, developer of the Ethereum Foundation. This is why the specialist invites you to try the long-awaited improvement proposal, first in the test network.

Do you know what you can do to avoid it [que la red principal de Ethereum se estropee]? Try the hell of 1559 in Ropsten. It’s okay to murder Ropsten! It’s also okay to kill Geth nodes in Ropsten. Go crazy with that!

Péter Szilágyi, developer of the Ethereum Foundation.

There is no safe date for London’s arrival to the main network, but not before July 7, when implemented in the remaining test networks: Goerli, Kovan and Rinkeby.

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