Uruguayan football team will have its own fan token

Key facts:
  • Bitci has already sponsored other football teams such as the Spanish Betis or the Brazilian national team.

  • The platform allows users to trade with purchased fan tokens.

The Uruguayan Football team has signed a sponsorship partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange Bitci, of Turkish origin. Among the advertising agreements is the develop a fan token under the name AUFT.

The announcement of the new sponsorship was given through a press release from the official website of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) in recent days. According to the deal, along with the fan token, the team would begin to use the Bitci logo on training shirts.

Regarding the fan token, the AUF joins teams such as Spain and Brazil that already have tokens within the Bitci platform.

About the type of token and on which blockchain it will be launched, it will be done directly on Bitci’s own blockchain, Bitcichain. Regarding its commercialization, taking as a source other tokens launching within the exchange, these may be traded in an internal trading market of the exchange itself.

Regarding the launch date and price of the initial offer has not yet been disclosed.

This is an absolutely innovative agreement for our market, which will place the AUF in a state-of-the-art position in the region by being one of the first federations to launch their own fan token project.

Press release of new AUF sponsor, Bitci.

Regarding Bitci, it is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Turkey. It has been operational since 2018 and has worked with football teams such as English Wolverhampton or Spain’s Betis. Inclusive, he is supporting the creation of the McLaren Formula 1 team fan token.

Fan token for fan loyalty

Fan tokens, fan token or fan token, are a fairly new form of brand loyalty. This type of cryptoassets allow the fan, offering not only a token, but also the possibility of accessing different benefits.

The Argentine national team recently launched its own fan token within the platform Socios.com as reported by CriptoNoticias. With this, the token holders they can interact with internal selection votes, as was the case of choosing the official slogan of the selection for the Copa America 2021. As well as get another set of benefits.

The sale of 600 thousand fan tokens of the Argentine national team sold out in just 3 hours, also causing the collapse of the platform, both in its web and mobile version.

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