Web3 Glitch Hackathon will hold a simultaneous conference and invite 50 global leaders

Web3 Venture Studio Trinity is hosting the Glitch Hackathon from May 19 to 21 at the Hana Global Campus in Incheon. Trinity said that they are organizing this hackathon to promote mass adoption of web3 and it is a competition where various professionals like planners, developers and designers participate in developing web3 services.

On the second day of the hackathon, May 20, a conference will be held where global Web3 industry leaders will be invited to share insights on the Web3 sector and ecosystem. The conference is divided into two parts, with the first part focusing on strategies to deal with the changing Web3 paradigm. Seok-moon Jeong, Head of Research at Korbit, will talk about the emergence of crypto and future financial trends; Isosphere’s Young-hoon Moon will discuss the culture and power of the future era brought by Web3; Artist Dada will participate in a panel discussion on NFT communities that combine participation and rewards; And DeFi farmer and influencer Chosun Sang will explain the complex blockchain infrastructure from the audience’s perspective with Superblock CEO Jae-eun Kim.

The second part will have simultaneous interpretations, and foreign speakers will give speeches for the builders. Will O’Brien, CEO of NFT Oasis, will talk about opportunities and survival strategies for Korean Web3 startups; Tony Goo of NGC Ventures will talk about Web3 investment strategies for fundraising; Duy Sisters’ Hyeong-joo Heo and rapper Hwaji discuss career strategies for creator economics; And crypto intelligence platform Xangle will host a panel talk on the Web3 game economy.

“Glitch will introduce a new paradigm for onboarding in the Web3 industry,” said Jong-Seon Jeon, CEO of Trinity, “and, “It will be an event that not only Web3 industry stakeholders but also various builders and the public can enjoy.” Are.”

The Glitch Conference is an event open to all, and those not participating in the hackathon can purchase tickets to attend. You can find more information about the conference and hackathon at Glitch’s website.


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